A beuatiful October Day                                                    No shoes allowed!                                                BAREFOOT Beach


                       Fishing with Arti                                           Hosting a PROPOSAL dinner on the dock! She said YES!!                                                Sunrise


           WELCOME to Barefoot Beach!                                             Good night....                                         Congratulations!                                                Oreo


           One of our favorite guests made Barefoot Beach Fruit Jam!!!                                              Island Beauties                                                               Always under the rainbow!


                   The pre-school KING and Queen!                                                     Merry Christmas                                                            Christmas Dinner Celebration


Little Ella has been a yearly guest since BEFORE she was born                           Sunrise kayak                                                                       Deck the Halls

                  Love you Isaac and Bryanna


                                 Travelkler's Palm                                                          Another sunrise                                                    Christmas Dinner/ Locals and Guests


                                    Chillin'                                                              More Christmas                                                September Independence Day!


                               Independence Carnival!                                                                               Richrd and Francoise....fishing with Piggy!


                     Sea Turtle (Carlos Tours)                                                     Manatee (Ande Da Wata Tours)                               During a Tropical Storm.  High tide but no damage.


                                          BEST DOCK WITH TIKI ON THE ISLAND!!!!  With hammocks and lounges PLUS hammocks and lounges scattered around the property.